The Little Things are BIGGER than we Think

Take a minute and read Matthew 25:14-30. This is one of Jesus’ well-known parables (a story). In this particular story, a wealthy landowner was going on a journey and decided to leave three of his servants in charge of his estate. He left one with five talents, another with two and yet another with one (a talent was about 20 years’ wages for the average laborer). They were all given something pretty special and something they could put to use. The first two did just that. They got busy investing the money they had been given and they were rewarded by their master for their industrious and enterprising behavior. But the final guy buried his money. He just sat on what he’d been given. He was so worried that he would mess things up by putting it to use, he decided not to take any risk at all. For this he was severely rebuked by his master and was called a “worthless servant.”

Some of us wander through life looking for bigger and better. We are looking for our shot at greatness and for the possibility of doing something earth shattering for God. After all, we say, if we just had a more prestigious job, more money, an increased presence in Sunday’s worship service, another spouse, ______ (fill in the blank), then we would show the world. Then we could really make a difference. But Jesus’ story stops this line of thinking dead in its tracks. He has given you a place in this world to make a difference. Most likely it’s a small place. Most likely no one will write a biography about you (though they may). Most likely you’re not going to get interviewed on the Today Show (but if you do, say hi to Matt Lauer for me). But where you are right now matters and what God asks of you is to be faithful. Not flashy, not famous, and certainly not fainéant. Just faithful. As in Jesus’ parable, some are given more than others. That’s just the way life is. But they point is that they all had something. And God rewards those who use what they have (see verses 21 and 23).

Has he given you a platform? Has he given you a gift or a talent? Has he given you $5? Then put them to use for his glory. Don’t bury them!

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