Bookends to our Day

“It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praises to your name, O Most High; to declare your steadfast love in the morning, and your faithfulness by night,” (Psalm 92:1–2, ESV)

Some (most?) of us like to start our day with a steaming cup of coffee. For some, the day begins with exercise, the morning news, or a disturbing alarm clock (occasionally disguised as a child catapulting onto your stomach while you are still getting that REM sleep). These are pretty normal routines for pretty normal Americans.

But as I read Psalm 92 today, I was reminded of the part worship should play in my morning (and evening routines). This Psalm was written specifically for the Sabbath, the day when the Israelites were to stop, rest and reflect on what God had done for them. In our culture, such a quiet break from life seems almost laughable, even on Sunday’s when we scramble off to morning worship. But as the psalm writer stops to reflect upon God’s great works (v. 4-5) he realizes that it is good to start the day off declaring God’s steadfast love and then closing the day with a declaration of God’s faithfulness. The Hebrew word translated “declare” means to bring to light, to announce or to tell forth. When we declare God’s love and faithfulness we are turning the spotlight upon God’s glorious ways. We lift them up to God as worship and we proclaim them to others as witness. Not only is God honored by this, but others will be spiritually refreshed.

By stopping to hone in on his steadfast love in the morning you are reminded that no matter what the day holds, he will pour out the unceasing floodgates of his love upon you. And by ending the day with his faithfulness you deliberately reflect upon how he compassionately stayed by your side through each step of your day and that he cannot but do the same tomorrow.

Far better than a cup of Starbucks these daily bookends will refresh your spirit and undoubtedly bless those around you.

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