When Miracles Pass You By

While reading Luke 5 this morning, I was struck by the fact that our response to the miraculous is often wanting. God is at work doing the amazing all around us every day. A crimson sunrise. A sleeping baby. A summer thunderstorm. An unexplained healing. A prodigal returning home.

Do we respond the way we should? Luke 5 provides a guide.

The first example comes from Simon. After fishing unsuccessfully all night , he, at Jesus command, lowed his net only to bring up more fish than the boat could handle (Luke 5:5-7). His response to the miracle is difficult for many of us to comprehend: “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord” (v. 8). He was so amazed by what he saw (v. 9) that he was overwhelmed by the presence of a holy God. Sometimes we feel small when we see God’s great actions, but how often do we feel our unholiness?

The second response comes after Jesus heals a paralyzed man. After dealing with a couple skeptics, he commanded the lame man to walk (v. 22-24). When the man did so, he began to glorify God, but not just him. The people around him were filled with awe and glorified God as well (v. 25-26). They knew the Source of the miracle and rightly acknowledged the great thing he had done.

Don’t let miracles pass you by. Let them make you holy and humble. Give glory to God for them all for there’s no such thing as an ordinary miracle.

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