A Monday Morning Prayer

I pray, O God, that I may know you,

that I may love you,

so that I may rejoice in you.

And if I cannot do this to the full in this life, aqt least let me  go forward from day to day until that joy comes to fullness.

Let the knowledge of you go forward in me here, and there let it be made full.

Let love for you increase, and there let it be full, so that here my joy may be great in hope and there it may be full in reality.

O Lord, through your Son, you command us – rather, you counsel us – to ask, and you promise that we shall receive, that our joy may be full.

O Lord, I ask what you counsel through our wonderful Counselor.

Let me receive what you promise through yoru truth, that my joy may be full.

Meanwhile, let my mind meditate upon it, let my tongue speak of it.

Let my heart love it, let my tongue discourse upon it.

Let my sould hunger for it, let my flesh thirst for it, let my whole being desire it, until I enter into the joy of my Lord,

who is the triune and one God, blessed forever. Amen.

Anselm, Italian monk (1033-1109)

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