Don’t Buy the Lie!

The strength of all sin, whether simple or scandalous, is the lie that God can’t do what it can. —Sam Storms (reference)

From the very first act of rebellion in the garden to every selfish, wicked choice thereafter, the foundational premise at the heart of each sin is a belief that we’d be better off this way. We’d be better off doing it this way than God’s way. That’s what makes sin so deadly serious. It is an act of treachery against the creator of the universe. It says to the Almighty, “Thank you very much, but I can handle it my way. Just step aside.”

The audacity to think we know better than he!

Take time today to see your sin as God does. Ask him to allow you to see it through his holy eyes. Then reflect on the overwhelming love he has for you that would move him to send his Son Jesus to pay for that sin on a Roman cross. Remember that his way is far better than the one sin offers for his way leads to righteousness.

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