The Sneakiness of Sin

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones writes:
We tend to think of sin as we see it in its rags and in the gutters of life. We look at a drunkard, poor fell, and we say: There is sin; that is sin. But that is not the essence of sin. To have a real picture and a true understanding of it, you must look at some great saint, some unusually devout and devoted man. Look at him there upon his knees in the very presence of God. Even there self is intruding itself, and the temptation is for him to think about himself, to think pleasantly and pleasurable about himself, and really to be worshipping himself rather than God. That, not the other, is the true picture of sin. (Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, p. 301)
How true is that? Sin to us is always what we see on the news or at the very least, my “real big” screw-ups. The subtly of sin is that it creeps even into our worship and times of greatest intimacy with God. May we be ever watchful and vigilant and have eyes to see its approach so that we can come near to God with a clean heart.

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